In-Person Events

Services can be stand-alone or combined to meet your business objectives.

Venue Selection

Based on your event objectives, Eventures will find the perfect hotel, resort or venue for your event.

A comprehensive proposal will be produced giving you all the details needed to make a final decision.

Once a venue is chosen, the contract will be negotiated on your behalf and readied for your approval. Site selection services are mostly complimentary, saving you both time and money!

Event Management

The planning of any event is vital to its success. Eventures will keep a keen eye on the final results as programs are designed to maximize attendee engagement while keeping within budget.

High level project management skills and multitasking abilities will enable the superior development of your program with the highest level of delivery.

Onsite Support

Welcoming and making guests feel instantly comfortable is part of what Eventures brings onsite.

Within my calm demeanour is a fierce drive of accountability for all facets of the event ensuring that each element runs smoothly and on time, while seamlessly providing attendees a fantastic experience.

This combination delivers excellence for the client and an unforgettable experience for the guest.